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Our goal at Farmhouse Gear is not to make new furniture using old wood, but rather to make pieces of furniture that appear to have been made hundreds of years ago, and have simply been brought back to life.

To create this effect we use reclaimed lumber from many sources, including old barns, doors, shipping crates and even parts salvaged from old furniture. For example, in several of our coffee tables we use old dovetailed drawers to really lend a feeling of authenticity to our pieces.
At Farmhouse Gear we try to keep the wood as close to its original state as we can. Very few pieces are ever planed down and are sanded just enough to clean the dirt and reveal the beautiful patina of the wood underneath.

Our painted pieces are usually done with several layers of old fashioned milk paint using techniques that have been developed over years of trial and error. Sometimes, it takes as many hours to paint the piece as it does to make it.
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